What to Do while on Christmas Break (if you didn’t plan anything)

Christmas is fast approaching and what makes this better is the vacation. Although this short break is really short (by short, I mean 2 weeks), there are tons of things I can do to keep me away from the cold hands of the most dreadful thing on Earth: BOREDOM. So, here’s the list:

1. Exercise

This may sound too…. I don’t know, boring? But hey, in my case, I totally need this one. You know, Christmas is not only defined by giving gifts, exchanging cards, and midnight shopping. This season is also associated with food. LOTS AND LOTS OF FOOD. Parties are never complete without food. And so, if I attend 10 parties, I must have eaten 100+ kinds of food and gained gazillions of weight and inches (uh-oh). That’s bad. Really awful. Thus, exercise is a necessity to keep my body fit and in shape. (Well, due to some circumstances, I haven’t started doing this yet because I always wake up soooooooooooo late and then I feel lazy. But promise, I will start tomorrow. I SWEAR!)

2. Read all the UNREAD books in my book collection

My mini book collection holds 57 books, 32 of which are still unread. Now, how would I finish reading all 32 books in 2 weeks? Hmm… never sleep? Nah. That’s not an option. I could not last a day without sleeping. What’s worse, I’m currently super stuck with How I Met Your Mother episodes and I don’t want to stop it! Well, I guess I have to make a better plan for this one. Any suggestions?

3. Go out EVERYDAY

This is really one of the best options. Instead of just staying at home and stare blankly into space, I’d rather go outside and do some stuff like sports or window shopping. Or buy more books and add ’em up in my unread books collection.

4. Clean the whole house (my room, specifically)

Since the day I walked out of the house to study and work, I didn’t get much time to clean my room and help with the household chores (like I really love to do the latter). But since I’ve got two weeks in my hands, I guess this is the best time to clean and fix everything. Plus, it could also be my way of exercise. 🙂


Oh yeah. To make up with the sleepless nights during my working days, this vacation is totally the best time to sleep and wake up anytime. No rush.

Well, these are just few of the many things I can do during the break. But with only two weeks before the working mode is on again, how am I going to fit all of these in my schedule if 90% of my time is Option number 5? Tsk.

Anyway, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! And may your Christmas break be not as boring as mine! 😀


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